More than one Storagenode on windows GUI

What is toolbox?

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Sory mesed threads with other one, toolbox, gives posibilitie, to add more than one windows GUI node to pc

These instructions did not work for me. There seems to be a step missing, namely re-creating or copying certain dirs and databases. Without them the node will not start.

Since I could not find any other solution I re-installed from scratch. It’s online now.

there was discovered that, v 1.10.1 have bug, try to download 1.9.5 version exe and place to node folder instead of 1.10.1 for new node you made.

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I did try to start it with the previous version, as the auto updater leaves all the old ones behind. It gave the same errors. Anyway, nothing to try for now, as I got it re-installed. That will not work for setting up another node, though. But in that case one could try copying the missing pieces one by one.

And how would it be to create the update service?

Thanks in advance