Most "flairs" are gone from users

I noticed that the “flair” from most users disappeared. It looks like it happened with the introduction of “production enthusiast”.

Storlings who signed up for it became “production enthusiast”, the rest stayed “Storling”.
Other users who signed up became “production enthusiast” too, but the flair of all other user’s disappered apart from “SNO angel” and “GitHub Contributor”.

Can this be fixed, please? It makes it difficult to see who officially represents Storj., e.g. @Alexey is no “Storling” anymore. Also a lot of other users like me lost their “flair”.

Do you see a dropdown under TITLE in your section?

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Thanks, I didn’t see it and didn’t touch this setting before. I think that the affected Storlings should change it back to “Storling” too.

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I don’t see Storjling as an option there- only “Github Contributor”. Possibly we broke something?

Hmm weird! I’ll see what I can do

this is such an annoying bug – I worked some settings and have got the Storjling label back for most of my teammates at Sotrj, but not the mods yet. I’ll dig a little more and see if i can sort it out


Maybe team should start working on Discourse bugs too, not only Storj. :wink:

Discourse not payng money for fork. But client pay money to use Storj. So stable and working good network has more priority.