Mounting encripted bucket in mac os monterrey finder as network location?

Hi everyone hope you’re doing well and staying safe. A big thank you to those who helped me with my last post. I am currently running macOS Monterey. I have a bucket that is Encrypted with a single object inside it that is an empty folder. I want to mount this bucket in the macOS finder as a network location is this possible please could somebody explain to me how to do this? Thank you very much for all your help kind regards trey.

Hi @trey31
You want an s3 browser, something like Cyberduck -

Consider the cyberduck’s commercial counterpart - MountainDuck. Unlike the former, that allows to view and interact with field in its own UI, the latter actually mounts remote as a network filesystem.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve switched (recently?) from relying on FUSE to running local NFS server to serve data, and thereby not requiring administrator rights, installing kernel extensions, etc. It’s nice.

Another option is Expan Drive’s Strong Sync. It is implementing macOS’s FileProvider and looks and works “natively”, like iCloud. The UX configuring is however is still pretty raw, and with the limitations of FileProvider (such as lack of streaming and sparse file support) Mountain Duck is likely a better option.


You may also setup rclone and use their rclone mount command.

Hi, sorry for my late reply thanks for your help everyone I think I’m going to go with mountain dog :slight_smile:

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