Move data to a new Hard drive?

I recently got a 6TB hard drive and I want to move my small 500GB node to this new drive and up the space available. Can I just copy the data over into the drive?

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but that says " Point to the same exact storage folder where you were previously storing the data." and I’m looking to point it to a new location

Yes in that case it will be change in drive letter and correct path to the new location.

You can also run a second node on the second HDD if you want to to use the whole 6.5TB.

if I don’t will I be stuck just using the 500GB?

No you can move your node to the 6TB and expand it as well. I was just mentioning another option. It’s up to you.

gotcha, is there a setting that I need to change or is it as simple as just running through the installer again to up the size?

You can change the amount of data shared in the config.yaml file.

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ok so what data do i move to my new hard drive?

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Hi nerdatwork thank you for reply. im trying to follow this im only on one computer but trying to use a new hard drive.

Your node needs its identity and storage folders to run so if your identity is accessible but you want to move to bigger HDD then just copy the storage folder to new drive. What is the size of your node ?

My current is 600GB and im moving it to 3TB

I think i moved wrong file. node utilization is now zero. i changed from c drive to d and increased the amount of storage it can use to 2.4TB. Can i get back the other data.

Stop the node, disconnect from internet and make sure you moved the whole folder and your new path should only change in drive letter. When you check dashboard it should show your old stats.

I moved the whole folder C:storj and C:\Program Files\Storj\storagenode . THEN i noticed a file c:blobs outside all these other folder and its like a random 300GB i think thats the file im looking for. im thinking i set up the wrong spot when i installed the program. did i mention im not really a computer person.

That’s perfectly okay. Where are you stuck now?

I Failed, 600GB drive back running node on c: drive . i will try to get D: working tomorrow.
step1 stop node.
step 2 transfer storj folder on to d drive
step 3 change config yamal file to d drive and increase the allocated storage in the same file.
thats the plan not to sure where i went wrong.

thank you very much for helping

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SO because i chose C: to store to instead of C:\storj when i installed the windows software it made all these file in C: all over the place that i didnt copy to the new D: . I think its working properly now and i have all the data back. Approx 300GB.

does this look about right.