Move data to a new Hard drive?

I recently got a 6TB hard drive and I want to move my small 500GB node to this new drive and up the space available. Can I just copy the data over into the drive?

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but that says " Point to the same exact storage folder where you were previously storing the data." and I’m looking to point it to a new location

Yes in that case it will be change in drive letter and correct path to the new location.

You can also run a second node on the second HDD if you want to to use the whole 6.5TB.

if I don’t will I be stuck just using the 500GB?

No you can move your node to the 6TB and expand it as well. I was just mentioning another option. It’s up to you.

gotcha, is there a setting that I need to change or is it as simple as just running through the installer again to up the size?

You can change the amount of data shared in the config.yaml file.

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