Move existing server?

Hi there

I actually run a node on my rip 3b…
After a few days of testing I realized the pi runs linke sh** … So now I decided to move my server
on my Synology NAS.

Any ideas how to move the server without data loss?
Or should I better set up a new one?

Greetings from Switzerland

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Look here:

Did exactly that two days ago.

  1. rsync data between the servers / folders (make sure you can use rsync according to the link above). First once, then one more time. 3rd time stop the node and then rsync one last time.
  2. download docker on the synology
  3. make sure ports etc. are forwarded
  4. run the run command on the shell

Done :slight_smile:


Why does it run like s***? I have a Pi 3B+ and it´s running good.
It´s just my internet connection that´s not that good, otherwise it´s running for over 60 days now, uninterruptedly!

Awesome @tankmann thanks for your reply :wink:

I will move my sever like you this weekend, first i want to replace the original fan
cause they are way too noisy. If you had also 80mm fans on your Synology i can
recommend the Noctua NF A8-FLX…


don’t get me wrong the pi did his job but my internet connection is a
1gbit up/down so i can not exploid the maximum of it :confused:

Over 60 days? what size of swap did you set up on it?

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No my problem was MY setup - raspberry Pi3 connected through network with NFS to a Drobo 5N with 10 TB storage… there was some delay in I/O etc. so that’s why I moved.
Storage connected directly to Pi3 is fine.

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Oh yeah, with that internet connection, definitely the pi is not the way to go :slight_smile:
I set up 1024 swap size :wink:

Yup, that´s how I got mine in fact :slight_smile: assembling another one now, and upgrading my Linux one to a Proliant Microserver :slight_smile:

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