Move Node DBs to OS SSD ON Win GUI

Is it posible to moove all DBs to OS ssd, it will better HDD performance and responce time.

No and neither recommended nor supported

But why, it wil make all things work fasster. OS SSD is more relible also.

we not need to have multipul links, just all DB keep on other place not on data HDD

You can try. If it will die - you will know why.
But as I said, such configurations are not supported and not recommended.

what is this conf do?
server.revocation-dburl: bolt://C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node/revocations.db

There is no configuration parameter to move all DBs to the different place.
The only way is to use a symbolic or hard links, which will lead to database corruption.

1 Like please people vode for this, to add this feature.
It will realy increase performance of node.

this will double your point of failure


Side note, I have been running a node on an SSD cache with no issues. This is within the unraid eco-system so outside of a good unraid build, I would be careful.

If you want to suggest an improvement to StoreJ you can do that in the correct forum.