Move node, problems with the identity

Hello everyone,

after my large node blew up in my face, I wanted to port my smaller node to the large HDD to increase the capacity.

Now I have copied all data and have problems that my container always restarts. According to the log, I have a problem with my ident:

So this is what it looks like on my DS:

My Identity folder:

And here is my node, I have also copied my identity into it, because I thought it might be a mounting problem:

Command for the Docker:

Can anyone help here, I am desperate.


Welcome to the forum @Mateo !

Your identity folder should contain the 6 files. If your identity folder contains storagenode folder then the path should be fixed accordingly. In short, give the path that shows the 6 files and not to a subdirectory.


my folder with the node are here :slight_smile:

can u help me to build up the right path?


Show me contents of folder Storagenode1/data/identity

i have just copy my identity in several folders, casue i not know what i can do anymore.


If you followed the documentation then your identity folder should have 6 files in it. Its usually identity/storagenode folder. Check all identity folders for 6 files, they will have .cert and .key extensions. When you find that folder use that path in your /app/identity section of docker command.


okay, so i know now the reaseon. but i havent the files on my system. can i restore it or my node done without that ?

Your identity is tied to your node’s data. You need both to run the node. Losing either of them would mean you lost your node.

In case you decide to start a new node, make sure you backup your identity elsewhere or send it to yourself in your email.

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it’s extremely strange, because i had extra encapsulated it and in my folders now only the identity is available as a zip file

Have you tried to unzip and look inside it ?

Yes sure, there is only a Identity file with 9.2MB After unzip…

Seems you confused a binary identity with the identity folder.
The identity binary is used to generate an actual identity (the folder with 4 files), after authorizing your generated identity with the authorization token this folder will contain 6 files, like:

$ ls -go /mnt/x/storagenode2/identity/
total 12
-rwxrwxrwx 1  546 Jun 19  2019 ca.1560971067.cert
-rwxrwxrwx 1 1076 Jun 19  2019 ca.cert
-rwxrwxrwx 1  241 Jun 19  2019 ca.key
-rwxrwxrwx 1 1084 Jun 19  2019 identity.1560971067.cert
-rwxrwxrwx 1 1614 Jun 19  2019 identity.cert
-rwxrwxrwx 1  241 Jun 19  2019 identity.key

We recommended to backup this folder and move to the disk with data, this way you wouldn’t lost it somehow.

Seems you have a folder StorjNodeData/Storagenode1/identity, could it be it?

Because everything on /volume1/docker/storj/* seems contains only copies of the identity binary, but not required certificates (the binary is used only to generate an identity and sign it, after that it can be removed. You also do not need multiple copies of that binary).

okay, thanks.
i i fail it in this case, i think.

Does it make sense to start 2 nodes on 2 different hard disks (4 TB and 12 TB) or is it wise to fill up one first?

It’s advised to fill the first disk first. However, the minimum requirement is to went of the vetting (~100 audits on all satellites), otherwise you may increase the vetting period in several times (as a number of vetting nodes).

great thanks. can you tell me when an audit will be carried out etc., i.e. when the 100 will have been completed?

There is no fixed rate for audits. The more data you have the higher the chance one of the pieces will be picked for an audit.
If you want to know how many audits you have done so far (for each satellite individually) you could use the earnings script: GitHub - ReneSmeekes/storj_earnings: Earnings calculation script for Storj V3 storagenodes

It will say xx/100 audits until the 100 audits are reached.

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