Move node to another location

Hi Everyone, I have two nodes running behind a single IP. If I decide to move one of the nodes to another location like a friend or family members hom with diffrent IP the only thing I know to change is the port on the outside and a new DDNS entry pointing to new location. Anything else I need to check and will the Satellites pickup it has now changed?

Is it best practice to start a new node at the new location or may I mature the node behind my IP while waiting for the new location to be up running and then migrate the node :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

You have both on different devices running and just move one full device?

Then it’s just network stuff like port forwarding and DDNS. The rest is dynamically, so that satellites will recognize it without manual work.

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Thank You for confirming that :slight_smile: Yes, it is two seperate devices and I want to move one to another location.

Just for confirmation: you have two complete computers, not only two HDDs, right?

Yes, two SFF Computers with the each their own disks and OS.

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