Move storage node from one datacenter to another


i need to move a storage node to a new datacenter.
The network context will not change, it will keep its ip address, it is just a question of stopping it in a center, transporting it and turning it back on in a new center.
No configuration will change, it’s just a physical move.
Can I just turn off the VM that contains the Docker container in a center and restart it in the new center without doing anything else?
Is there a risk for 2.4TB which is already stored on the node?
What could be lost in this moving operation?


If your moving a physical machine from one datacenter to another theres really no risk at all as long as you shut it down properly.


Welcome to the forum. If its a virtual machine or physical machine does not matter, as long as its intact you should be fine.

You do not allowed to lost your identity or data :slight_smile:
Anything else could be lost.