Move Storj Node!


Then we will move our Storj Node to another place and the Node will be offline for approx. 6-7 hours.
Is there any setting I can do to let you know that the node is offline without being disqualified?


// Michael

There is not setting to do that. However, in most cases, you will not suffer from big problems after taking your node down for 7 days.

Hello @Sharkey and welcome to the forum.

Being offline for 7 hours will do almost nothing to your node. Some files may be relocated elsewhere by satellites, its online scores will drop a little bit (they will recover 30 days later), and you’ll miss out a few cents on your next payment at most.

That’s about it. If your node is reconfigured correctly after the move (access to the right identity, right data files, port redirection and DNS), you should be all fine.

If you change the router/ISP too - do not forget to update your external address in the storagenode configuration and remove DDNS updater from a previous router and setup it on a new one.