Moved node to bigger HDD and old system to new ssd - 0 disk usage

Ok, last month I move my node to bigger hdd from 4TB to 8TB.
Yesterday decide about moving my system to ssd also.

After this operation, my service in Windows 10 stopped working.

I tried reinstalling and configuring node in the same folder.
Everything seems work, except disk usage

Any idea how to “repair” this ?

What exactly did you mooved to ssd? OS? or only node?
Any logs to add?

Welcome to the forum @patryk006 !

I’ve forwarded your question to the team for some answers.

Hi @patryk006 , this could be a lack of data since today is the 1st day of the month and maybe it isn’t calculated yet.

oK seems that restart windows help now, and I have disk usage.

First Cloned hdd from 4TB to 8TB (system + node)
Then I remove node files from 4TB drive and shrink it to ~60GB, then copy only system on ssd.

After startup from ssd my service stop starting (I can’t even manually start the service, just error), so I decide to install it again with the same keys, then I just copy my old config with changed path to file storage.

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