Moving a node - downtime over 5h

Hello, I will be moving my node to a new disk soon. From what I saw on the forum, currently, disqualification for the downtime over 5h is not yet implemented. Is it true? Will my node be disqualified if data transfer takes about 6-7h?

Currently you’re fine if it is offline fore more than 5 hours.

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I moved my node last weekend. The node is more than 3 TB data. And it moved more than 2 days via 1 Gb wire.
For moving I used this article:
Rsync allows copy changing data, so just run it several times and before turning node off and final data copying. My total downtime was less than 10 minutes.

Good luck with moving! =)


Sure, it’s very useful. But now I’m moving just around 700GB so I shouldn’t have a problem to make it fast enough.

I use FreeFileSync for copy the files from node to node online. ofc you repeat the operation to when you stop the node and copy the configurations. it’s easy and intuitive for nodes on windows gui.

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