Moving an identity to new platform

Hi there, I couldn’t find an article on the best way to change platforms so I thought I’d ask for either a link to the article or best method. Anyway, I have a NODE that I made a couple of weeks ago that I would like to move to a different platform because it needs to be relocated. I can move all of the data and the identity but was curious about the identity. Since the hardware is way different, should I create the identity from scratch on the new system and then copy only the ca.cert and indentity.cert files from the old system?

Your identity isnt tied to anything but the node and data itself it can be moved to any computer. The 6 identity files have to stay with the node with that data.

But what about the difficulty calculation that takes so long? I thought that was important especially on systems with less powerful CPUs…

Your not creating a new identity if your just relocating the nodes data and identity those 2 things stay together.

Ah! I thought it had something to do with the hardware itself. Thanks for the help!

Nope it doesn’t, It just depends on the hardware on when you first create a identity of how long it takes to find a key.