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Anyway, I joined to ask how to move my data from the bucket. I have one with 150GB almost filled. When I tried to move it to my HDD with rclone and rclone-browser, it seems that data is being counted at twice the rate. Therefore, I was only able to move about 75GB, and in the web interface, I see that my download limit for the month is exhausted. Why is that if I may ask? Can you provide any support, basic guidance? I am almost not using this bucket and would be happy to delete my account.

I just wanted to ask about the problem I encountered when trying to move my data out of the bucket created when 150GB promotion was advertised because I just simply do not use it; my rclone settings are standard (default) so I dont know maybe I am doing something wrong.

If you are a Pro Account customer, please file a support ticket to get help troubleshooting, this thread is not the appropriate place for this. If you are a free tier user, please open a separate thread on the forum to get help with this.

Can’t do it man. Not enough posts on the forum. Thanks.

You could send an email to this address

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Please note that technical support via our help desk is only available for Pro Account customers.

One of the community leaders has now moved your question into this new thread for you @nodeid, so discussion about your data moving issue can now continue here.

I noted your answer.

Did you consult with your technical department? I want to move my data ASAP. I am using your 150GB promotion. During this month I was not downloading nor uploading any data. The bucket is almost full (150GB). When attempting to move data to my HDD I downloaded about 70GB and then the transfer stalled at 0 for several minutes. I was using rclone v1.65.2 and rclone-browser 1.8.0 on Ubuntu 22.04. Standard settings. Reason to move my data out of your network: a) I dont use it, b) I like other services more, c) I dont like your marketing. I repeat, I want to move my data ASAP.

Is my understanding incorrect, that the whole 150GB bandwidth should be available to me free of charge during this month? This was my assumption when I created account after you advertised your promotion.

What’s your question? do you understand the terms or promotion?

You have a $1.65coupon.

Storage cost is $0.004 per TB per month. Egress cost is $0.007 per GB. If you store 150GB for a month and then egress full amount you will need to pay $0.004*150*1 + 0.007*150 = $1.65.

Which is precisely covered by a coupon.

[quote=“nodeid, post:9, topic:25523”]
a) I dont use it, b) I like other services more, c) I dont like your marketing. I repeat, I want to move my data ASAP.

Then why bother continuing using the service? That’s the whole point of this free tier allowance — for you to test and see if the service suites your needs. Evidently, it upsets you for some non-technical reasons, so stop using it immediately then. Just close the account and upload data elsewhere. Why are you continuing to interact with the service you don’t like?

It’s a great example why getting rid of permanent free users is an excellent idea: we weee never going to bring a cent and yet you demand support every step of the way.


As far as I remember, the promotion I am referring to was advertised for 150GB of transfer per month (up OR down). I will double-check later today. As for now, for me, its simple like that. After creating the account, I tested the service by uploading data. I never looked at the web interface or those small numbers you mentioned. Currently, for me it just looks like a bug thus the question on the forum. Transfer stops in the middle, and the promotion ends within one month. There isn’t even an email with a brief explanation. This essentially means data is locked, or I have to set up the payment method and deal with associated troubles. Look, I don’t care. I don’t use it for anything important. I’ve never stored any relevant data here. So everything can be deleted almost immediately (almost). There are various reasons for not using this service for anything serious. For example: a) I see it as highly centralized at various levels; b) thus, the relevance of erasure coding is questionable for me; c) the speed is probably better than when I created the account, but still, the transfers I’m achieving are not great (I mostly used defaults, and other services on defaults are much faster; I admit maybe its faster on high end equipment - I just never bother to test it there); d) for me it’s pretty obvious that the green status is questionable (old equipment, routing over vps, filewalkers draining high amounts of energy); e) from a programmer’s perspective, it’s almost a disaster (major libraries not maintained), f) storage (garbage collection) not accountable, g) there are also some other inconsistencies. I was hoping that maybe it would improve, but with this fuss related to the free tier, I’m done here. Do you understand it a bit better now?

Have you already finished moving the maximum amount possible (you say it was 70GB?) - if so, have you checked again now, after the transfer has settled, how much egress bandwidth you still have available? I am pretty sure that you did not take into consideration that the allotted bandwidth when you start the download includes the expansion factor, even though the final settled egress amount will be only the number of GB the objects you downloaded actually occupied. So I would guess you should still have 150-70= 80GB available after the first batch of egress settled. Then you can move the rest of your data.

If for some reason you still cannot download all remaining objects by March 31, I suggest you add a payment method to the account after you have dowloaded as much data as possible, and then proceed with moving the small amount of GB still left, which will be charged at $0.007/GB.

Worst case scenario, you might get charged 49 cents for moving 70GB. I dont think this is unreasonable considering you have enjoyed free usage worth up to $1.65 a month for years. Since you say you did not even upload any important data to Storj, I am not sure why this is such an issue to just delete the unimportant data and close the account.

There are solutions that allow usere to achieve great performance, there are plenty of resources available that explain how to do this in our documentation. Thanks for trying our product, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Now you are just funny. I guess you really believe what you wrote. From a perspective of your client it simply looks just the opposite. Anyway, thanks for trying.

Dude. Multiple people gave you suggesting on how to triage your stalled download. But you ignored all of them and seem to only be interested in ranting in circles about how upset you are.

If your network hardware is not up to the task, you may be seeing network stalls. In this case, you can reduce number or threads or switch to S3.


Im not your dude. Network bandwidth was 32Gb. Waste of time. Chill out.

Since you take issue with being called “dude,” I would like to inform you that also I am not your “man.” Please try to be more respectful yourself if you expect to be treated respectfully on this forum, and abstain from making assumptions about the gender of the people you talk to.


You should not be surprised. I am sustaining what I wrote in my initial post on this forum. Cant commit more time for conversation with you. Leads nowhere. No need to reply.

Do people really have no backup copy of their data? Just upload from the local copy to the other cloud service. After successful doing so, just delete the copy from Storj.

Nah. This users just likes to hear him/herself complain. There is no important data involved, per:

This whole thread needs to be deleted. There is zero value in it to anyone. Everyone who reads it becomes slightly dumber.


It seems there’s some confusion about what’s being said, so let me clarify. That person has 150GB of data and is attempting to download it all, but the process stalls at 70GB due to a ‘Storj Fault.’ Storj reports that the person has used all 150GB, which is why they’re unable to download the remaining data. I encountered a similar issue just yesterday. I’ve used 65.69GB and am in the process of switching to another service. I downloaded all my data, but surprisingly, my usage showed as 86.95GB. Why is Storj accounting for an additional 21.26GB in the download? Does anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy and it already more then 24 Hour, so don’t say it have to Settle it.

Hello @wigiran,
Welcome to the forum!

When your client download a file, it will request the full size of the file (+ some overhead), this will impact your limits immediately, when the client is finished download, all confirmed (by nodes) download will be submitted to the satellite and sent within 24h. When the satellite received all reports from the customers and all reports from the nodes (~24h), it will settle the confirmed amount.
So, usually you need to check your limits on the next day. If it’s settled at full usage, well, your client used it in full. This is cryptographically confirmed. But if it’s not - only the confirmed amount will be settled.
So, in short - please try on the next 24h.

Of course, if you are an owner of a PRO account, it likely never affect you.

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