Moving Location is there a risk?

I am thinking of moving location of my node next month and now my new nodes have 100% runtime.

If I turn off my server, how many hours do I have on making the move before my nodes gets disqualified?

currently its like 12 days to even get a suspension and afaik DQ for downtime isn’t enabled.

so yeah no risk at all.

ofc there might end up being some data repaired on the network due to your nodes absence, which in turn will lead to some data potentially being deleted after your node rejoins the network, but it’s most likely minimal, nothing i would worry to much about.

and a suspension just means your node will not get any new uploads for a month… so not really a major hit if ingress remains at the levels we have been seeing in the last two months…


uploads and ingress are synonyms.
Uploads to the network generates ingress traffic on nodes.

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This is correct, but I always recommend the lowest possible down time. You should keep in mind that this threshold will likely become more strict. So don’t worry, but just keep down time as short as possible.

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Thanks for all reply. I am thinking this should max take 12 hours.

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