Moving node from Asia to Europe what will happen?

after some time in Asia I will move back to Europe and will take my Das with me. I can transfer all the storage used to a new location at my new home.

But can I just start with the same identity in a completely new location?
What will happen to my ratings and money?


As long as you update your node parameters to point at your new IP address, there is nothing you will have to do. The node will run just fine. Your online score might drop a bit, but will recover. You should try to keep your downtime as short as possible.

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Yeah downtime should be ok as I can access my server @ home from Asia and setup all in advance.

So there is no problem due to geolocation transition? Normally the network would have to store different data to my node after the change?.

No, the node already receives data from all satellites on the network, regardless of geographic location. All that will change is your node will be more likely to “win the race” from clients in Europe and less likely from clients in Asia.

keep in mind that some planes will have non pressurized storage and for really long flights can in theory go higher than regular hdd’s non operating max elevation ratings… thus it could be possible to damage or ruin your hdd’s, so do remember to take the proper precautions or at the very least do a bit of research on how to transport a DAS by plane.

duno how relevant this is… i just checked max altitude for commercial jets and the max altitude rating for a random hdd.

the might also be vibration and other travel related considerations and such to take into account.
i duno… but i would put in some time on the research of how people move that stuff usually…
maybe easier to send it by package company instead of luggage… i duno

ofc also kinda depends on how big a DAS you have… i don’t suppose all of them would actually fit in luggage… O.o but some would…
anyways … just a thought…

Thanks man!
I will transfer all data from the node to my new server before I move. So the odds will be empty anyways. Thanks again!

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doesn’t mean you cannot break the drives during travel… in most cases the drives are the most expensive part of the entire setup… so
and it might take a while to transfer… even local transfers of large storagenodes can be a project.