Moving node from one HDD to another on the same computer


I just added a 8TB HDD to my existing computer that is curently running a storj node. I’d like to move the node from the old 1TB HDD to the new 8TB HDD. Same computer, same WIFI, just a new HDD. I will need to remove the old 1 TB HDD from the computer after the switch is complete.

Can anyone offer me a step by step guide? I’m a newbie at this stuff…

Hello @Randall ,
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You can follow this guide: How to migrate the Windows GUI node from one physical location to another? - Node Operator
Since it’s the same PC, you do not need to share disks. It would be simple as (cmd or PowerShell):

robocopy /MIR D:\storagenode E:\storagenode

Just need to repeat this several time while node running until the difference would be negligible, then stop a service (elevated PowerShell):

Stop-Service storagenode

Then run the robocopy command one more time to copy remaining pieces.
Modify a path to data in the config file: How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? - Node Operator and allocated space, save the config (menu File - Save, it could ask for administrative rights, confirm and click menu File - Save again), then restart the storagenode from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode

Then check your dashboard and make sure that all data in place. Otherwise stop the storagenode service and check your path.
Please also check your logs: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

I would not recommend to use WiFi for network connection for your storagenode - you likely lose the race for pieces more often than others, because WiFi is not designed for massive data transfers or access to storage.


how will I know if the “difference is negligable”?

Every run of the transfer command the amount of transferred data should reduce as a time to transfer it. When it would be a few minutes instead of hours, I think it would be a needed moment.

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Can’t I just cut and paste the directory on the old drive to the new one in windows while offline? Then edit the config.yaml file and restart the node?

Yes, but offline move could take a few days up to weeks (depending on size and throughput).
All that time your node must be offline and will lose score.

The robocopy can be much faster than GUI copy/move even if your node still used.