Moving node from windows server to unraid docker

I’m currently copying my data from a windows server i had running the windows node to a new unraid server i just set up. On this i’m going to set up the docker node. If i move over the identity files and set the data location, can i just move this over, or is there anything in the config specific to windows/linux?

Have a look at above links.

Hmm, thats a bummer. I’ll have some rethinking to do. Thanks.

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As an update, after reading a bit more, the bug should have been fixed in the current version of unraid. So i decided to go ahead with the move, i just copied everything to the unraid share and started the docker container without any problems. I have set the docker container to not auto start so that i can be sure that the volumes are up before i start storj. I’ll see if in the future the mentioned problems do turn up, if i do, i’ll update this topic.