Moving node storage and downtime...?

Hello I have a proxmox lxc container node with 2tb of data and i want to move it to a new 14tb zfs hdd, but what if the migration will take more than of 5 hours of downtime?

Here is a tutorial:

If you follow it you only have minimal downtime.

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For me, moving from NTFS to ext4, took 1day per TB. You will have probably 2-3 days of downtime. No biggie. If I understood corectly, after 4 hours, pieces that were audited from you in the downtime, will be deleted and recreated on other nodes. I didn’t lost much for 5TB.

Using the tutorial above the downtime can be completely avoided, (reduced to mere seconds)

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You didn’t entirely. After 4 hours all pieces are marked as unhealthy. At that point any piece for which the segment drops below the repair threshold gets repaired to other nodes. This causes about a 3% loss of data which increases slowly the longer you are down. It’s not a massive deal, but a lot more than just pieces that are audited.


On Windows you may use an integrated robocopy.exe command, How to migrate the Windows GUI node from one physical location to another? - Storj Node Operator Docs

You need a program that supports both mirroring and copy. Last run must be mirroring, to delete stuff from the destination that was deleted from the source, with the node off. Don’t try to re-invent the process, follow the documentation. Use Rsync or Robocopy on windows.

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but with days of downtime i will not banned?

Your node will be suspended, if the online score would drop below 60%, then you would have a week to fix an issue, otherwise your node can be disqualified.
For the old node:

For the new node it could be faster, because it may not have a month of successful checks.