Moving node to NAS

The stats from moving a 4.4TB storagenode from Windows PC to DS220+ NAS, with robocopy:
(the speed is aprox 1TB/day)

robocopy /MIR "X:\Storj" "\\NAS\Storj\storage"

node1 move stats

I saw somewhere in docs that after 12 days offline the node is suspended and after 30 days it is disqualified. So you should be good when moving with robocopy max. 10TB storagenode data. Above this, you should use the rsync method or something similar.

Did you use this:

I didn’t see that. I used only the /MIR parameter. Maybe the best command will be like this:

robocopy /MIR /MT "X:\Storj" "\\NAS\Storj\storage"

I don’t know why MT matters, because it is a problem of HDD speed, writing the FAT and the actual files so many times.