Moving node to new hardware & forgetting orders folder

Hi everyone

I recently moved several nodes around and consolidated them to new hardware using the Storj Node Toolbox. After several weeks of successfully running, I realized I did not move the C:\Program Files<node>\Storage Node\orders folder to the new node instance.

First, what’s the impact of this?

Second, since the node depends on two physical disks, C: for orders and a second drive for the storage folder, is there any benefit to periodically backing up unsent orders or archived orders at any interval? I guess this depends on the answer to the first question. I recall this being about optimizing performance on the orders.db?

Lastly, is there a paper that described the architecture of Storj and how the system works in more technical depth? I’d like to have a deeper knowledge of the databases, why the orders is separated from the database folder, and so on. Where can I dive deeper in white papers or something similar?

Thanks in advance

You have lost payment for the expired orders. Orders expire after 48 hours so if you have any file that is not older than 48 hours then you should move it to the new location asap.


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