Moving Storj Node and Blob files temporarily to another drive

Hello again,
I am curious as to how i can move the files to another drive, STOP the node for a few minutes to delete the partition to create a new one (I’m running a spanned drive, if you can tell me how i can extend a spanned partition to ANOTHER DRIVE and expand the space storj can use.)

the main question here is will i get fined for temporarily moving the nodes files, (yes, all of them.) to another drive, and if its not, how i can expand the spanned partition to another drive with free space (cause it doesn’t show up in diskmgmt.msc)

Here is the relevant documentation: How do I migrate my node to a new device? - Storj Node Operator Docs

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Please, do not use a spanned drive. With one disk failure the whole node is lost.
If you want to expand - just run the second node: How to add an additional drive? - Storj Node Operator Docs