Moving STORJ to a DEX

I checked what the fees are to move STORJ from my Atomic Wallet to a DEX and came up with ~68$… that’s not going to happen…
So, I was wandering what is the usual solution of the node operators around to be able to negotiate the earned tokens.
I want to move to zksync but, as far as I understand, that will only solve the fee problem that Storj DCS has when paying operators. I still have to connect a wallet and still will have to move the tokens to a DEX…
So, how do you do it?

I get paid to an exchange address on L1, then I can sell whenever I want without paying ridiculous ERC20-TX-fees

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ok. so you haven’t moved to zksync, right?
I have a binance account. Would that work in L1? What about L2?

It would work on L1, not on L2 at the moment. They would have to implement zkSync on their end for that to work. But even on L1 there are risks involved. Exchanges can delist a token, they can also change your deposit address. And since you don’t own the keys, you technically don’t own the tokens. Recently more SNOs have been doing this to avoid costs of transactions, but I still prefer to just collect more tokens in my own wallet and wait for low fees to make a transaction. Which is also why I don’t mind so much that payout may be postponed when the fees are high.


I see your point but, delisting wouldn’t happen without a warning… and address change could only hurt 1 payment. I would notice I wasn’t receiving my storj and would react before next month.
The way I see it, L1 DEX address is, for now, the only viable option. I won’t use zksync.
I don’t want to hurt Storj with high fees in order to get paid, but 68$ for me to move my tokens around is not an option. I would rather accept an increase of the minimum amount to be paid. Anyway, Storj can make a single transaction to a DEX and from there can pay every user of that DEX without fees… so…

thanks for the information.

thanks for the awesome information.