Moving Storj via zkSync

I realize there is likely a zkSync forum somewhere, but I’m here so I’m going to ask this here.

I have a L1 Eth Wallet (Guarda) that I have been receiving payments on to date. I set up MetaMask wallet for L2 zkSync compatible wallet so I can now start to receive my SNO payouts via zkSync.

Is it possible to move my Storj tokens in the ETH mainnet to my zkSync Storj wallet?

Of course it’s better to ask on zkSync support, but generally it’s adding funds to your zkSync address:

Just curious - why do you want to move your funds to zkSync?

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Thanks. I appreciate the info.

Why? I was trying to see if I could find a way to utilize the Storj tokens I have collected to date, in my L1 Wallet, without paying the extremely high ETH fees. At the moment, they’re sort of locked up IMO.

Then I believe you need a reverse operation - withdraw from the zkSync (L2) address to the Ethereum address (L1).
This is a different operation and you can pay fee in STORJ tokens: Tutorials | zkSync Documentation
Just note - the destination L1 address can be any, include L1 deposit address of the exchange.