Moving the performance tests to a new satellite

in my storjshare node stefan-benten’s traffic was very significant for me that is why I ask

I hope that SNO will stay after shutting down Stefan satellite which genereted 95% of income for last 3 months.
I hope that there will be more “real” traffic soon, otherwise this will be losing resources for SNO…


The full node does not get anything from everyone, including this new satellite … so will it be audited by the new satellite?

It’s impressive how this message of a satellite shutdown is being understood…

The satellite will get replaced, it was just a test satellite and now there is a new test satellite. There is no reason for anyone to leave because Stefan’s satellite gets shut down…


I understood it in right way and I know that new satellite is replacement for old one.
My point is that we need more “real” or production traffic, not test generated one, and I’m sure that will be soon :slight_smile:

Then your answer is very misleading in the context of this thread…

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I see audits have just started an hour ago on this SAT. So at this pace in about 12-14 hours the audits should be complete on my node. So far it is humming along.

Also, this new satellite is not yet in the list of tardigrade satellites status list.

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I have requested the saltlake satellite to be added to the status page.


I have 15 successful audits:

  "totalCount": 15,
  "successCount": 15,
  "alpha": 11.197466626964683,
  "beta": 0,
  "score": 1

No failures…but… why is the alpha variable not set the same (19.99999999999995) as the other satellites where I also have no failures?


  1. Now 150 successful Audits and alpha is at 19.99134445548479 …
  2. About 85 MB Ingress and 40 KB Egress.

So, looking good.

I noticed that the number of audits in the node logs don’t match the audits returned on the dashboard API. My nodes report 0 audits on the API but they have over a dozen audits for the new satellite on the logs.

In the dashboard i can see audit traffic increasing but the api is stuck at 6

The API is based on what satellites report back to your node. This update is done every once in a while, so it’s always a little bit behind. Nothing to worry about, if your log shows successful audits, they will be counted.

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The new satellite is located in America, which probably still means that nodes in EU are going to miss out on quite a lot of traffic, compared to the old satellite.
The old satellite was located in Germany, which was very favourable for nodes which are located in EUW.

With time we’ll see the real impact on EU nodes. A enormous part of traffic my nodes received came from the old satellite, so just hoping over here that traffic won’t dip all too much

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If you want to scrape the logs, you can get a current count of successful audits:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep GET_AUDIT | grep downloaded | grep 1wFTAgs9DP5RSnCqKV1eLf6N9wtk4EAtmN5DpSxcs8EjT69tGE -c

Edit: Assumes linux CLI

It’s not the satellites location but the location of the client uploading the data. The satellite could be in the EU but if the client is in the USA, then distance and response time from that client determines successful uploads. I’m in the usa and get plenty of data from asia and the EU. I may just get less and see more context cancelled from clients in those locations. Yet, I still get data which is the purpose of a decentralized system. If all the nodes close to the client are overloaded then my node may pickup or provide some data.


Because alpha based not only on success/failure ratio but on total count of audits too and their timings. So while you get more total audits and more “history” of success audits closer it became to max possible value (20).
15 successful audits simple not enough. About 50-100 successful audits in row is enough to get > 19.9

Well, actual data does NOT come from satellite itself you know? It came from uplink that could and usually is located somewhere else. And satellites send only metadata. Exclusion is repair traffic which goes directly to satellite itself.

For stephan for example located in Germany most of actual traffic was coming from Poland and few other EU countries including Germany. But not from Germany alone. I think it was few servers rented in data centers with cheap traffic for load testing + traffic from

Up to 271 now… alpha is rising madly, nearing the max

  "totalCount": 271,
  "successCount": 271,
  "alpha": 19.999982547781787,
  "beta": 0,
  "score": 1

when will the testing begin?

Soon :soon:

It has been stated over and over that testing and network usage in general won’t be announced. Just be patient. The testing is not the interesting part anyway. It’s all about what real customers do long term.