Moving the performance tests to a new satellite

We have spun up a new satellite for our load & performance testing efforts on the taridgrade network! While we are uploading new data to this satellite we will be downloading/ deleting data from Stefan’s Satellite. Downloading it before deleting it will make sure that all of the nodes are bing utilized and paid for storing this data. The best thing to do as a SNO is NOT call graceful exit on any of the satellites during this transition. We are going to do our best to make sure the payouts remain consistent while we migrate. Once we shut down Stefan’s Satellite we will go ahead and pay back the held amounts of each of the nodes for that satellite.


The new satellite is

Your storage node is automatically subscribing via


We see it already, had to pach my monitoring, as new sat, has all 0 stats.
Hope for big tests.

When will the new tests start ?

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I have 6 uptime pings and zero audits so far.

I guess we’ll all need to wait until we each hit 100 audits… unless they’re going to ignore the vetting process.

New satellite have to start with disabled vetting until at least 105 storage nodes have more than 100 audits. At that point we can enable vetting.


GE was launched on Stefan 5 days ago. Already completed by 30%. What should I do?

Let it finish. There is no way to cancel or pause it. The only downside for you is that you will not get the final download traffic from Stefans satellite.

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May I ask why you had started GE on the Satellite with the major traffic?

So does this mean Stefan’s satellite is going offline permanently?

after it download all data and upload it to new place, and make all payouts then Yes, as was mesioned.

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I guess I can look forward to 4.5TB of outgoing traffic.

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I wouldn’t count on that. I know a lot of testing was done with random data that can just be deleted. Meaningful data that needs to be moved is probably just a small subset.

It looks like they will download the data to, well, pay the nodes for storing it, so that each stored file is downloaded at least once.

I am disqualified on other satellites

Ok this make now sense for me, I will file a ticket for that, it is not great that you need to GE because your are DQ on some other places.

@littleskunk doest Stefenbented will download the data and replace to other satelete or it just delete it?
and when you plan to do that?

does that mean that Stefan-benten traffic will go away permanently

Storj made new sattelite insted of stefen benten