New Sattelite? or hacked?

US-Central-1 is separate sattelite, I have them 5 now

How you see that there is one new Satelite?

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Yeah just saw that as well… so far no traffic on my side.
And what I think is interesting as well:

  • I have two nodes, one who has 2 disqualified satellites in there (I’ll gracefully exit it in some weeks)
  • The new one which runs since 2 months or so which has it added

So an assumption could be if you have been disqualified on one satellite you might not be added to new ones?

Ah okay, i use Grafana and dont see the “normal” webinterface -.-

i found it very fast, as my monitoring started to give errors. then i started to check what is heppening.

I have two nodes. First got this new sat 20 min ago, second followed right now. What is interesting: The tool “StorJ Audit” doesn`t work anymore…

yes i know, i think there is some cases with zeros or something.

No, for a short time I got on both nodes : Not not responding. After ~15 Min everything works normal

I patched soft, now it accept that it can have 0 stats.

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It resolves to a different IP, however, why does it say US-Central-1 on the site?

Perhaps a result from copying its setup and not altering the display name?

I would think so too.

has anyone been vetted on this new satellite yet

new sattelit not activated veeting, so every one has 100% of data mooving.
it will be activated as enouth peaple has 100 audits.

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I only have 19.1 megabytes worth of data on it so far

it is realy new sattelit, i think it writing small datas only jet.

Imagine this is native to my area, Salt Lake City, UT.
US-West Satellite?

This node was started on Feb 1st

Information on the new satellite can be found here:

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