Multi-node Dashboard - Reputation

Some more updates on Multi-node Dashboard — Reputation page.

We collect all of the scores here — suspension, audit, online, and vetting. You can switch between the satellites.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Please don’t be scared of strange numbers, it’s just mocked data :slight_smile:
Thanks for your attention, will post more updates soon.


I would love to see “all satellites” which is showing the lowest score across all satellites. That would be a one page reputation check. As long as it shows close to 100% all is fine. If one numbers goes down it is time to investigate and dig deeper.


We really need some clarification around these percentages, in my humble opinion… ^^’

Like a little information box explaining that “higher is better” and that below 60% is game over for some…

Or… what about making sure displayed percentages span from 0 to 100%, so that people expect to be disqualified (or suspended) when it reaches zero, which to me would make way more sense? :slight_smile:

This idea has been proposed and discussed there, if I may:

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LOVING the vetted %! Thank god we can finally see it!! (without using a 3rd party tool)


When will a docker image be released?


The question is, will it be as good as @BrightSilence’s estimates? :wink:

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It’s getting harder to stay ahead of official tools for sure. But, let’s make it even harder to do that. @sytnik, the non-linear nature of vetting really benefits from compensating for that in the progress indicator. This post explains how I ended up doing that in the earnings calculator. Intro to the Web Dashboard - #6 by BrightSilence

I opted to show both a percentage progress as well as the absolute number of audits. So far feedback has been positive.


Yer please can we have a docker image! @sytnik