Multi node with same NodeID?

Hi Everyone

I’m pretty new and really love the help I get from all.

The next question is I have added 2 storage node now and I use the same email but 2 differend port numbers, so the problem is both node have the same NodeID but its look like both running fine.

The first one have 3TB and the secound 20TB space, if i need to have unique NodeID each time how did this working becures i have use the install command twich bot still get the same NodeID in this way.

Thanks a lot, i will keep my NAS up and running and shutdown the second now with only 3TB for now, then i will test it and if everything is nice then i will add more storage for it ^^

Thanks for helping.

I think you need to try and merge the blobs from the naughty 2nd node into the 1st

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you cannot run two nodes on the same idea… or you can however they will oscillate between which of the nodes are online… because of their shared identity.

best you can do is most likely to combine the nodes or take the new smallest one and simply throw the blobs files into the bigger node… might loose you some profit.

if both nodes are larger ofc not sure how that would happen… not sure it can… but then you might want to get somebody wise on the databases give you an idea on how to merge the two if possible…

you may be able to simply switch the identity… i duno…
if you have two big nodes on the same identity…
the maybe one could simply give the 2nd one a new identity… not sure it would work…
kinda depends on how a lot of things in the network actually functions…

but the identity does seems a bit loosely attached … lol but you would need somebody like alexey to explain if that is even possible…

so well do as @andrew2.hart says lol
worked fine for me last time i had a similar issue.

I’m pretty new so what i do is start form the beginning again, we are speaking about very low data here, so now I have setup the new setup for my NAS just hope its will get fillup very quick! :stuck_out_tongue:

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you cannot have two nodes with the same identity, it simply will not work correctly…

so check that the identity files are unique to each storagenode you are running and if not then you will need to merge them or something…

Using the same identity more than once is a guarantee to disqualify all of them, because each of them will not have data from the other copy. For the satellite it’s the same node, which managed to lost data, more copies - faster disqualification.

So, each node must have an unique identity, there is no options.

Cool, can i run more then 1 node on same public ip with diff port numbers?

Yes, you can. Just make sure each of them uses an own unique signed identity.
Keep in mind - all nodes behind the same /24 subnet of public IPs will be treated as a one node for ingress, and as a separate ones for audit and egress traffic.

Cool, okay thanks but will i get benefits of multi nodes in my home or will I get the same % of traffic from the network?

You’ll still get the same amount of traffic from the network, but it’ll be divided by all the nodes.
It’s probably not worth spooling up more nodes until your previous ones are getting at least half full.

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This is a really helpful concept to have explained, thank you. My assumption was that the word “identity” referred to the identity of an individual person not an individual node. I see now that this is stated on the identity page of the docs, but with all the new concepts I had overlooked it. Thanks for clarifying.