Multible nodes on my network VS 2 networks?

Hey - i have a node at home - with an ip thats linked to - i want to make a second node - but i dont want to “split” the data on my subnet (is it even allowed) - is there anyway to get another subnet? or should i ask my GF if i can host from her place?
Or is there someway i can benefit from having both a node on my pc and my raspberry at home?
Thank you in advance.

You would need two separate ISPs with IP ranges outside of the other ISP’s /24. You also would need two different alias’s, one for each network.

Okay - so thats not very easy to do? :smiley:

It’s not too difficult. Unless you’re using those two different nodes on one machine.

This biggest issue is that it’s more expensive, because you have to pay for two ISPs, unless you already pay for them :smiley:

It is allowed and it will happen automatically when you run multiple nodes on a single subnet.
Traffic is distributed between your local nodes, so it even reduces HDD strain in some scenarios.
Herefore it does not matter if the nodes are on the same machine or on different devices/VMs/containers etc.

You should also do that since having nodes at different ISP locations gains way greater rewards.

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