Multinode Dashboard - Bandwidth & Disk

Hello guys!
Our team is working hard on Multinode Dashboard, and we’d like to share with you some updates on Bandwidth & Disk page.

Basically it’s the same functionality as we’ve had on SNOBoard, the only difference - here you can switch between nodes and satellites.
What do you guys think about those graphs, do you like it? Is it easy to use/read for you?

Please don’t be scared of strange numbers, it’s just mocked data :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention guys, will post more updates soon.


It looks great, however I was kinda hoping for a single view of all of my nodes on, well, a dashboard. Something you could leave on a TV etc and see everything at a glance.

It’s nice to be able to drill down into a specific node tho if you need to.


I’ll repeat that the graphs as they are now look nice, but they are difficult to read. The lone fact that you need a mouseover to even identify which points refer to which days proves that. For readability purposes best would be a bar graph with one bar daily, with the Y axis in GB for transfer and TB/day for storage, the last day’s bar displayed in a different color to make it clear that it is still updating.


Looks great, just some small remarks. This was discussed elsewhere, but displaying both free and overused in the legend of the pie chart can be confusing. Only one can ever be valid at a time, so I suggest only including the one that is valid so that either free or overused is displayed, but never both. I also suggest changing the title for the number at the top to “total disk space assigned” to be a bit more accurate.
Additionally I would suggest switching the unit on the disk space used graph for the daily numbers to TBd and equivalents. That way 10TB stored for a day would show up as 10TBd and be instantly recognizable rather than the TBh numbers used right now. 240TBh just confuses people.


might be cool if one could superimpose the nodes graphs over each other or get totals.

doesn’t have to change much gui to do so either… add so they get different colors if shown superimposed, and they would be selected in the dropdown menu.

same for the total, and to switch between superimposed and total one would just have a switch or something.

just thinking out loud here… but i know it is stuff i would be looking for, i mean having multiple nodes in multiple tabs is a bit of a bother… but shows about the same…

i would want to make use of the advantages of pulling api data into the same gui.
so that i could analyze the data to make better understand how my nodes are performing compared to one another.

and i sort of agree with both toyoo and will.

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Please make it happen.

Also I’d like to see all my nodes next to each other instead of switching between nodes.