Multinode stopped working

No idea…
I start the server and when I connect and load the page I get a white page only in the browser.
The server is running.
When I reload the page I see “wsasend: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” in the server terminal. I have tried with current and previous multinode version, same outcome.
Browser Chrome, Edge, Firefos, all the same.

Any ideas?

I thinks it is because 1.67 node?

It could be possible, if one of the nodes goes offline.
By the way, what is version of the multinode dashboard?

Something must have been changes with the multinode with handling of unreachable or slow nodes.

With version the dashboard remains blank, which is silly as this I don’t get any information about a node that might have problems.

I reverted back to version which managed to show the dashboard and the nodes. And indeed there were nodes that were unreachable (some just slow due to running filewalker, at least one unresponsive after auto upgrade).

So for some reason the new version does not handle those cases where a node does not respond in a useful way. If a node does not respond in time the application should not halt but continue with the remaining nodes.

it should show the screen, but perhaps it has longer timeout or need refresh (seems this is similar to QUIC visual bug).
Did you try Release v1.67.3 · storj/storj · GitHub?

I left it loading for hours. The dashboard did not show up.

No, not yet.