Multiple external HDD‘s with USB Hub possible?


is anybody using USB Hub‘s to connect more than one external USB 3 HDD with a Server?

Right now I am running two external nodes that are connected to my Qnap-NAS via USB 3. the Qnap has enough memory and CPU power free to run many more nodes, but unfortunately only has 2 x USB 3 ports…
How would you extend the storage?

I know that there is the official qnap expansion box, but that‘s so expensive… I think by just adding another external USB 3 HDD I can save a lot of money, but I don‘t know if this will work. Will it increase my IO waits significantly?

From what I have read so far USB port isn’t meant for 24/7 usage. In many cases it was the cable or the port that got the disk disconnected. Preferably use Sata port if you can.

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There is no problem in connecting a lot of USB 3.0 storage, every NAS have good USB controller for transfering big amount of data.
If USB 3.0 device supports UASP mode, than IO waits will be normal.

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If it was true, keyboars, mouse’es, printers and many other equipment would fail. NAS & router manufacturers would not implement USB ports for external drives and etc.

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That might be correct for the USB port itself. However, there is NO 24/7 rated external USB drive.

Undoubtedly, using SATA instead of USB is by far the more reliable solution.


Correct. External USB HDD’s - another story. Meanwhile i see “USB port isn’t meant for 24/7 usage.”