Multiple node operation on separate physical sites

So Im set up first fat node scale up to 300TB if needed.
As I understand single node per physical site is correct way.
Now i setting up more nodes on different physical sites (in different cities ).
Also all them use local ISPs , nodes IP allocated in different /24 (different AS, different ISPs)
All nodes registered with same email and wallet address.
Is bandwidth “sharing” present in case using same email and wallet address but separate physical locations and ISPs (in way like nodes share same /24) ?
Is multiple invite token request timeout present ( looks like it present and equal to 24h) ?

No to the first question. Nodes on different /24 subnets will not share bandwidth despite using the same email and wallet.

If you request invite tokens with the same email address you will only be able to request one per day.

all these questions have been answered here, multiple times. did you even try to search?