Multiple Nodes - how to find out if someone is in my /24 subnet

Hey guys, I am a silent guest reader for some months now!
I have several nodes in different datacenters and I wondered how to know if any other node is in my /24 subnet? Just by comparing the performance of quite similar nodes? Or is there a public database or something?


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it’s pretty easy actually…
all subnet ip/24 has an almost perfectly even distributed ingress, no matter how many nodes exist on the subnet… so if your node is a ratio of that number then there is that number of nodes on the subnet besides you.

Total Ingress for Aug 9th should be about 38.9GB in the Dashboard.
minor deviations can depend on system load, internet bandwidth, harddrive latency.

Total ingress is repair ingress and ingress added together.

if another node exists on the same subnet, you should see about 50% ingress aka 1/2
the more nodes the lower the ratio 1/3, 1/4… so on and so forth

That’s what I thought :slight_smile:
Thanks for your confirmation!

Some kind of warning in the Dashboard/Logs or something would be very helpful though :stuck_out_tongue:
Not everybody has multiple nodes to check for deviations.

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you can find some numbers to compare with here, if you need them…