Multiple nodes too early on purpose?


I know you don’t earn more by starting a new node before the previous one is full, but I’m considering something else here. Do you earn less by doing it?

Is there a case to be made to pre-start new nodes, if you already have the hardware available, just to start the clock on the held amounts? And even vetting maybe? Or would it in any way damage the service quality? Or have any other downsides that I’m unaware of?

I already have spare hardware and I’m planning on scaling up when I need to, just thinking out loud here.


By having a node in vetting you get an extra chance at getting data uploaded to it. I think this is true anyway.
It is a marginal benefit. If you plan on getting another node later I think that is worth starting it now and with low disk space so that you optimise the held amount.

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I think the most important part is that you want your new node to be vetted before the old one is full. And you don’t want to start it before the old one is fully vetted. Anything inbetween doesn’t matter too much. It’s probably slightly cheaper to have less hardware running for as long as possible. But all of that would be negligible.


Is there any downside of spinning up lets say 10 nodes while the old one is not full? Sure they now have to share the incoming data but I see that as an advantage. Each node will be faster because it now has to deal with less uploads. It works like a load balancer. You still get the same payout but the load and the risk is splitted on 10 hard drives. Lets say the oldest node is failing at some point and gets disqulified. With that risk in mind I prefer to balance out the 10 nodes instead of trying to max them out one at a time.

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That’s true. But I wouldn’t go overboard. And this only helps if you’re using separate HDDs of course. Though I guess that was the plan in this case anyway. As long as you always have at least one vetted node with free space you can’t really do much wrong.

Good answers, it seems the consensus is that it should do no harm, and maybe even have some benefits to do this. Thanks all for your input!

Next to my main nodes (4-8TB) I run a second very small node on one of the node drives. This way, when I buy a new 8TB hard drive I can move the small node to it and start with an old, vetted node with less money held back. I have not calculated if this actually makes sense, it might not, just an experiment. It seems to work out well so far.