My Asia Satellite node is down?

I recently got this email:

Your Asia Satellite Node is Offline

We emailed you a few hours ago, but it appears that your Asia Satellite Node is currently offline. Please note that if your Node isn’t brought back online soon it will impact both your payout and your reputation. Please check your Dashboard status, and take the appropriate action to get your Node back up and running.

I’m not running a satellite, so I got a bit puzzled about the email. I did run a storage node but it crashed in Jan and I haven’t had time to get it back online.

It’s an email sent by mistake and you can ignore it. There have been previous instances of such emails too.

Not anymore. The rules for the email are corrected now. As far as I know it should work now.

What would that email mean then since OP is just a SNO?

If that is an email that was send out recently it would mean that his storage node has not checked in on the Asia satellite for more than 4 hours.

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It makes sense now that above ^ statement applies to it.

Should all SNOs expect such email if their nodes are offline for more than 4 hours on any satellite or its just applicable to Asia Satellite ?

Shouldn’t that be less time? Assuming the email is there to alert the SNO of a problem, it only leaves one hour to notice the email and fix the problem. That’s if the node was not down at all in the last 30 days.
IMO the email should go out after an hour, in other words 20% of the way to disqualification, not 80%.

That was the old rule and we all know how good that worked :slight_smile:

I just got another one about that I’m having a European satellite. The grammar is really incorrect if this is about SNO

If this is related to me as a SNO my SNO has been down for 1 month and 10 days (give or take)
I have not checked but I must have failed the audit a thousand times…

I also got the email at around 3am today, But it is possible this was a node I no longer have running. But then it should say that my node is offline to all the satellites not just the Asia satellite.

I think the individual sats would send the email. SNO would get emails from all sats eventually as and when sats get to that part (notifying SNO) if node is down for a long time IMO.

The node im speaking of has been down for over a month so I assume I would have gotten an email from every satellite by now.

I doubt all the satellites runs their crons at the same time. I’ve got one from “Europe” whatever that means 8 hours after the last Asia one. So two emails about “Asia” and one about “Europe”.
The Asia ones came with 4 hours difference, and it’s been more than 4 hours after the first Europe email came, but haven’t received another one.

It’s Cleary the Storj network is a bit shaky and I might leave my node offline until things settle down a bit.

got a few more emails, can this stop?

we have notified the marketing folks to please correct the wording in these emails.

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Please indicate if you are getting emails about a node being offline after you already brought it back online on the affected satellite(s)?

I think the problem is the node no longer is running or is ever gonna run again and getting emails still is the problem.

I have informed the marketing team that SNOs are requesting the ability to unsubscribe from these notifications for their deleted/deprecated nodes


Emails to offline nodes are suspended until the Tuesday.