My current version of storj node is 1.1.1. However, I am getting alerts that i should update to 1.3.3

Hello @Alexey I am running node on a raspberry pi. My current version of storj node is 1.1.1. However, I am getting alerts that i should update to 1.3.3. I am running watchtower container also. however, it did not update storj node container to latest. I removed and reinstalled watchtower container, but nothing happened. If I remove and re-add my storj node container using latest tag, the container was stuck in restart loop. So, I used storjlabs/storagenode:arm instead during docker pull, which is staying stable. Could you let me know how to get 1.3.3 version for ARM?

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If your watchtower is running then it will update automatically. Nodes are updated from 12 to 72 hours.

We are now using a rolling update process, so some docker nodes may take longer than 72 hours to get updated. There is no rush to update the nodes, just wait until watchtower takes care of it.


thanks @heunland for the clarification. Is the docker image available already or are you rolling out windows first?

Windows is getting rolled out first, so it should be until some time next week until we start with Docker node updates

It’d be nice to notify SNOs that they need to update only when the automated update rollout is over I think. That would avoid many SNOs from panicking and posting this on the forum.

Don’t you think? :slightly_smiling_face:


What you are asking for is already being implemented, the new update notification scheme will start taking effect with the next release


if this info provided by storj in the new docker dashboard would it be possible that it could display DISK READ/WRITE INFOScreen Shot 2020-04-26 at 01.46.21

No. Thats purely Stats from docker.

Thx @heunland! That’s great.

I see many people complaining here and there, but version after version the node software keeps improving in the right direction, so I think that’s pretty positive! Well done to the team :+1:


So my watchtower works well almost since the beginning… but normally my node updates within like 24 hours. Now it’s still not updated, so taking longer than 72 hours - at what point should a SNO be concerned and go check something? I had to reboot yesterday because of a different upgrade to my NAS but process wise it looks good:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                         COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                NAMES
03dbfe09a0b9        storjlabs/storagenode:beta    "/entrypoint"            2 weeks ago         Up 28 hours>14002/tcp,>28967/tcp   storagenode
1e0356acf23e        storjlabs/storagenode:beta    "/entrypoint"            2 weeks ago         Up 28 hours>14002/tcp,>28967/tcp   storagenode2
78a7be3845f7        storjlabs/watchtower:latest   "/watchtower storage…"   2 months ago        Up 28 hours                                                              watchtower

I’ll just wait right?

We are doing rolling updates now, which means it can take longer than 72 hours to get the release. At this moment, we are just ramping up to updating the first 40% of the windows UI nodes, and Docker nodes will not be rolled out until 100% of Windows nodes have been updated. No action is needed on your end if you have watchtower installed and working.


Ok thanks - was just wondering as I thought I’ve read that docker updates were already ‘ready’ and this would have been the first time that it took longer than 72 hours before my node would update.

If this is the case then why send out emails? What is the point but to get everyone to check unnecessarily their watchtower process. Why not send the emails out when every node should be updated? That’s when we really need to check and not before.

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@Unique I believe that’s one the improvements StorjLabs are working on :slightly_smiling_face:
They won’t keep warning users too soon like this, as that causes a lot of threads overhead to manage here on the forum ^^

I’m sure they’ll fine-tune this in the coming weeks.


As we already mentioned in other threads, the fix for the problem with the email notifications is already being implemented now so you will no longer see this happen again starting with the next release.


My watchtower says
time="2020-04-29T01:22:14Z" level=info msg="Unable to update container /storagenode. Proceeding to next."

It’s ok beacause I’ve to wait or because there is an error?

My node is not updating to version 1.3.3
I have the service of storj V3 storaje node updater online for days. I already restarted it several times and nothing. Windows 10 GUI.

There is no need for you to try to force your node to update. Please wait until the update gets pushed to your node. We have not yet finished the rollout to all Windows UI nodes. No action on your part is necessary.


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