My HDD broken and data lost

I can not start from my old system HDD because broken. Now I can not continue before I will buy other. What should I do after Windows will be installed?

What should I do after Windows will be installed?

Are you asking about steps for setup new storage node? or a way to continue using old one?

If your data was lost you will need to start from scratch

Yes, so if your hard drive is completely broken and the data is lost, as Michaln states, you’ll need to start from scratch. If the data on your hard drive is recoverable and it hasn’t been that long, you could transfer it to a new drive and use that. But if too much time has passed, you’ll be disqualified and it’d be better to start fresh.

if your system disk only contained your OS and nothing of the storagenode, you should simply install a new operating system and recover your old node.

without the exacts of your situation, its not easy to give proper advice.

is your storagenode disk damaged / broken?
if you are just replacing your operating system, then the process will be something like a fresh install, aside from you already have a node, i have no windows based nodes so i can’t give you the precise way.
it is a pretty easy and straight forward process.

skip most of the configurations aside from opening firewall ports on the host.
make sure you got the ip address that your router is forwarding the port to and such.

else the node should just boot right up, as its not really part of the operating system, the node data, identity and such is located on the storagenode disk.

and you should really run SSD’s for your OS today… which if treated correctly shouldn’t really die.


If your data and identity is on another disk, then install OS, install storagenode and provide correct paths to your identity and data, make a firewall rules for 28967 tcp and 28967 udp ports and correct your router port forwarding rule to point to the correct local IP of your machine.

If your identity were on the failed OS disk and you doesn’t have backup of the identity and did not copy it to the disk with data, and you cannot recover it - then you will be forced to start from scratch, because to start the previous node you need to have its data and its identity.