My ISP is currently down, and is expecting to be back up in 2 to 3 days

How lucky. My ISP is currently down, and is expecting to be back up in 2 to 3 days :cry:

Oof, that’s rough… I don’t think I’ve ever had downtime that long. Are you in a remote area or something? If not, I would seriously consider other options for your ISP. Doesn’t really sound acceptable to be down for multiple days.

First time it ever happened. Dunno if someone excavated the wrong spot or what…
I’m not in a remote area at all, usually outages are in between 1 and 3 hours. I got an 8 hour outage once, but I never got such a long failure :frowning:

What’s frightening me is that one of my nodes is still filewalking 54 hours after its recent update, even though it’s been left alone by satellites for more than 36 hours now (because of the outage still going on).
I know it’s a weak SMR drive, but still, it feels like something is seriously wrong although there is no error in the logs…

Sorry I’m digressing ^^’ I may open a new thread on this matter.


Our isp also went down Friday afternoon and they are still not back up and aren’t giving any advice as to when they will be.
Thankfully, we expected the worst and i asked my wife very early on to see if there were any other isp’s who had the right to install in our building and she found one.

We just got back on line about an hour ago after the new company installed their cable.
But, this isp has implemented cgnat as well so we need to have that argument all over again.

Going to investigate dual homing the pfsense vm for the longer term. So I guess that will mean more storj data in the long run. lol

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Update The old isp came back up this evening. I forgot the quad port nic in my secondary Proxmox machine wasn’t supported by FreeBSD so took me a little while to remember to change the nic in pfsense to virtualised.
Everything that breaks with CGNAT is using the old isp connection and everything else is moved over to the new one. Working so far… Just had to keep a list of what I have changed. lol