My mother has unplugged the two PCs where I had the nodes

My mother has unplugged the two PCs where I had the nodes. They also unplugged the routers, the ont.

Could it have caused any damage?

On the first pc I was copying the data from the small hard drive to the big hard drive. The node was off.

In the second pc I had the node working normally.

who think that they have unplugged my pc. Maybe it could happen again.

Is it a good idea to get the nodes up and running again? .

Would it be better to abandon the nodes and sell the parts?

You can run nodes unless you have lost data. In the last case they will be disqualified pretty quick.
The disqualification for downtime is currently under development:

Thank you. I will look to put it into operation tomorrow.

If you have 2 normal PCs running just as nodes, you probably have high electricity costs, possibly even higher than the nodes income for the next 6 month (but you might not care because you don’t pay electricity yourself?).

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Awwww come on mom! I was trying to get rich on storj!

You’re node’s probably fine- when u plug it back in do you see any errors in the logs?

Make sure to update to the latest storj version as well (or run watchtower or whatever)

Make sure that you use rsync or rclone or whatever to ensure that the files were all moved from the small drive to the big drive, then you can update the configuration of your node to point to where the old data is but on the new (big drive).

Then start up the node and see what it says.

Don’t explain everything. I bought a sai, plugged it in and everything seemed to be going well. After 5 hours I start to smell acid. Everything was unplugged out of fear. I have called the manufacturer, he tells me that a base has been opened, which is a manufacturing defect. who sends me another sai.

Copy everything with robocopy. everything seems to be working fine.

The youngest node. I have created a raid 0 sectioned. With 3 3TB hard drives. The motherboard has 4 sata ports. I have 4 3TB disks, I have left a disk saved because I could not connect it.

I have created raid 0 because I did not want to mount a PC for each hard disk.

The consumption of the two PCs is about 50 kWh each month. about € 6 or € 7 a month. It seems to me that it is not a lot of consumption.

You can run multiple nodes on the same system. With RAID0 you lose everything if one disk fails. That should always be avoided. Please just run 3 separate node in that system instead.

I am using Windows 10 pro

According to what I have read, it was not possible to run different nodes on the same PC.

Can you run different nodes on the same pc in windows?

I’m going to open a new topic, don’t reply to multiple nodes on one pc.

It is absolutely possible to run multiple nodes on the same computer. However it is not beneficial unless you are trying to avoid using raid (i.e. running each node per hdd - as recommended by storj).

you must select a different external port for each though.