My node goes on and off. Error Message: 'ERR db Unable to read the disk, please verify the disk is not corrupt


My Node keeps going offline and online.

I would really appreciate your help. I have attached the logs below.

2020-09-10T09:43:03.674Z ERROR db Unable to read the disk, please verify the disk is not corrupt

2020-09-10T09:43:05.941Z ERROR db Unable to read the disk, please verify the disk is not corrupt

**2020-09-10T09:43:05.942Z ERROR piecestore:cache error getting current space used calculation: {“error”: "lstat **

2020-09-10T09:43:05.944Z ERROR nodestats:cache Get pricing-model/join date failed {“error”: “context canceled”}

Error: lstat : structure needs cleaning

Are you maybe using Storage provided via Network? (like NFS, SMB etc)

Hey, thanks for the reply.

No, I am using a Hardrive connected to my raspberrypi.

be sure your usb drive is static mounted with FSTAB

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You should check the filesystem on the drive with fsck.


Hi, I have the same problem now with one of my nodes. I reconnected the external USB drive, restarted everything, but still my node keeps restarting almost every minute. In between it’s downloading and uploading, but then suddenly I get the error “Unable to read the disk”.

Were you able to solve the problem on your side?

Try changing the port (preferably USB 3.x), change cable and don’t forget to check disk for errors.

What’s your setup?
I had similar issues with my Raspberry Pi 4B in the past because it can barely power one external 2.5" drive properly, depending on the case and the HDD itself…

The disk was keeping restarting. If that is your problem, this would probably be visible in dmesg if you’re on Linux.

In my case, I had to get a powered usb3 hub, and now all of my 4 disks connected to it run like a charm, and I even have 3 spare sockets :slight_smile:

Pro-tip: if you were to get one of those, you wanna make sure it actually powers all usb sockets, with enough power (most cheap ones power only some sockets, or the total provided power wouldn’t allow all sockets to run disks…)
Also make sure it has physical buttons that do not get reset in case of power loss: this ensures the hub gets automatically back on if you experience some power outage.
(That applies to HDD cases by the way…)

Thanks for the hints, it looks like the issue was the USB cable. I am using a different one now and so far it works fine again :slight_smile: