My node has been DQ'ed


My server broke down, but I finally managed recreate the disk raid. And no data seems to be lost. So I spun up my storj, and it says I am DQ’ed.

I guess it is because it was offline too long. But it is a node I have been running for more than a year, got 2TB data on it. Do I need to start over?

Unfortunately, yes. Sorry. :roll_eyes:

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If your node is not disqualified on all satellites - you can continue to run it. Remained satellites will still pay it for the service. If it’s disqualified on all of them - you need to start over.


How do I start over? Just stop the docker and remove the storj data and run it again with the same identification?

If you really need to start from scratch (referencing @Alexey‘s answer), you will need a new identity, too.

To not mix up old and new things, personally I would delete all the SN stuff and start with the HowTo from the beginning.


When I try to sign a new identity it says the authorization is already claimed…

You need a new auth key. You can request a new one to the same mail address.

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Ah thanks :slight_smile: I figured it out

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