My node is down again

I just noticed my node is offline again. Nothing has changed as far as port forwarding, firewall, IP. I went to services to stop then start the storj service but nothing changed. I’m on windows 10 pro and used the GUI to set it up several months ago. I opened up the log in the storj folder and see no error other than: WARN piecestore:monitor Disk space is less than requested
Any ideas? Thx

how many free space on disk?

1.6TB used 211GB free

made restart some time ago and it gone offline?

I’m not sure when it went offline. I was just checking about 20 minutes ago, saw it was offline so took some actions myself to diagnose but don’t have the technical skills to do to much.

Are you running a ddns for your IP maybe it expire or maybe your ip changed. Also is this your storage drive for your windows PC and your filling it while storj is running on it?

There was mensiond by Storj(may be remember wrong) that there may be a bug, that 500 GB check is going before used space check and therefor can give error if there is less than 500GB and then node will not start or will not work.
posible solution to setup minimum space for 100GB in config and uncomment this row. ?
Theory need to check by Storj Suff.

Nope I’m not running ddns. I have a dedicated drive for storj nothing else is stored on this drive

Not sure about the bug but maybe storj staff will answer that

You Could try editing the config

storage2.monitor.minimum-bandwidth: 500.0 GB

storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space: 500.0 GB

Don’t remove the # in front of the description lines!

In the title mentioned the WARN, not a FATAL error, so no need to change anything in the config regarding the space allocation/usage.
If you do not use the DDNS, then very likely that your public IP has been changed.
Please, check it: the WAN IP on the status page of your router must be the same as IP address on the and you should use the same address in your configuration file

Sorry for the delay I work during the day. Anhyow, the IP was the issue. My ISP must have changed it at some point. It works now. I edited that .yaml file with the new IP. Thx

No worries!
If your ISP gives you the dynamic IP, you can fix this issue by using DDNS hostname instead of IP. The DDNS hostname you can obtain on for example.
You can read more there:

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Ok I got the DDNS set up with the NOIP several days ago and everything was fine til some time today I believe. Nothing has changed as far as I can tell, port 28967 is open, port forwarding same, firewall is fine. I stopped and started the service a couple times just in case but it’s still stopped. Connection is a bit slow at the moment 50Mbps, used canyouseeme to check the port its fine. Any suggestions? Thx

may be your ip changed, have you instaled soft from noip to trache ip changing?

I have the DUC program from Noip running if that is what you are referring to yes

Have you rebooted. If you havnt made in to autorun at reboot you have to start it manual

I went to services and can see it running, it starts automatically. I stopped and started it just in case.

I would check that the NOIP address is properly resolving to your known current external IP. Maybe the DUC program is running, but something isn’t working properly so it can’t update?