My node is showing offline

Hi, there I’ve installed my node, but it is showing node is offline. I’ve checked port 28967 is open on my router. Inbound rules are set. What else it could be?

Welcome to the forum @andrianski!

Can you confirm if your identity folder has 6 files ? Also how are you checking the dashboard ?

PS: Use Chrome/Firefox to check web dashboard.

There are 4 files actually ca.cert ca.key identity.cert identity.key outside this folder there are Crash.DMP errorlog.txt. I am using firefox to open dashboard on localhost. And also I am not able to reach IP: 14002 from outside, maybe firewall issue?

You didn’t sign your identity. Follow the documentation.

In docker you would need

-p 14002:14002

instead of


WOW Thank you very much @nerdatwork. The authorization was the problem. I made the mistake because I used a linux server to generate CA and then authorize in windows but something didn’t happened as expected. I went back in linux shell authorize it and then reinstall. Now it is showing online.
Thanks again! I hope this project to grow and become better.