My node is stuck suspended after a disk crash

After the disk crash (see this topic: "Storj disk" falling down), my node became suspended, and it’s normal.

Now since restart (three or four days ago), it’s stuck desqualified with a low percentage with all satellites, although is up since days.

What I can do to “re-qualify” it?

Many thanks in advance

Your node got disqualified for losing too much data, there is no way to undo that.
You can only create a new node (on a working drive).


yeah your recovery attempt will have failed to recover more than 88% of the node…
most likely even less than that, because of how fast it got disqualified.

its 100% dead

I don’t think it’s the case, here are the numbers from my node interface:

It seems to me that the node is suspended because it was down too much time, not for not recovering the data. I recover almost all (2,5 TB against 2,7 TB)

its not disqualifed, its suspended… thats nothing to worry about… because you know you had a lot of downtime recently… just keep it online.
and it will recover over time… online score can take up to 30 days to recover, tho in these drastic cases of many days of downtime, it will often start to recover a bit faster.

thanks for repyling :smiley:

This is what i expected to happen recovering a dying drive isn’t ever gonna work with a storagenode because the fact if your unable to recover data any missing data if it’s a lot it’s 100% gonna disqualify the node.

As I said, I recovered almost (if not all) blobs; I made a mistake writing the topic: the node is suspended, not disqualified.

Now I made correction all over the topic :wink:

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Still suspended with this numbers:

What can I do?

Look at your logs and check the errors. If any the online score will take a month to change…

you just wait… audits are still 100% which is a great sign, suspension just takes a while to get out of, best thing is to keep it online until it recovers.

Your node will go out of the suspension for downtime as soon as the online score recovers above 60%
The online score should be fully recovered after 30 days online.
Each offline event requires another 30 days online.
So, it could take a noticeable amount of time. Please, keep it online


Enventually the node got online :smiley:

Thanks to all for replies!