My node was offline, now I'm suspended :(

Hello my node was offline for an hour, and I was suspended by
there was no error, it just didn’t run correctly after the reboot, what am I supposed to do to get out of this suspention?

Suspension for 1 hour offline isn’t possible. Please check your node dashboard, and if necessary the log file.

Got some errors multiple times:

ERROR pieces:trash emptying trash failed
ERROR nodestats:cache Get pricing-model/join date failed
ERROR blobscache piecesTotal < 0
ERROR blobscache piecesContentSize < 0
ERROR blobscache satPiecesTotal < 0
ERROR blobscache satPiecesContentSize < 0
ERROR services unexpected shutdown of a runner
ERROR collector error during collecting pieces
ERROR bandwidth Could not rollup bandwidth usage
ERROR piecestore:cache error getting current used space
ERROR gracefulexit:chore error retrieving satellites
ERROR piecestore:monitor Total disk space is less than required minimum

I think it the node might have ran for a while disconnected from the storage drive, so it looked like it was starting from 0, that’s why I rebooted the second time and my previous data finally showed up.

Like for a while I had 0$, no previous data, all gone. When I saw it saving new data I stopped the docker container, rebooted the second time, made sure that the drive was connected and then started the container which then worked right away.

Sorry, I’m very new at this and still learning.

OK, yes, so without data the node wouldn’t have responded to queries/audits correctly. If the node is now working fine and there are no new ERROR entries in the log then the suspension will be lifted after a a certain number of successful audits.

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Thank you for your time, you’re helping a lot!

That new data that was getting downloaded when my wallet and past info was empty (maybe 200MB at most) might be gone, but everything else (33GB) is there, and I’m not seeing any new errors since 1.5 h.

Should I be warried about that small amount of data that might be lost?

There’s no point worrying. Either it will be fine or your node will go from suspended to disqualified. IF there are no further ERROR entries in the log then you’ve done all you can for now.

would this be only for that one satelite that suspended me or for the whole network?

Each satellite is independent, so currently that is the only one showing your node as suspended and which could be disqualified. However depending on the specific data loss the other satellites could go the same way, you have no way to tell other than wait and see.

thanks! I just read that in worse case scenerio, I can begin the vetting process again by using a new identity, so I guess good to learn these things now then in few months (I started a week ago).

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