My raspberry's HDD crashed: where can I find the right procedure to reinstall my node without lost all

Hi all,

This morning, the HDD of my rapsberry pi 4 (ie. for the system) showed me “Unable to read the partition as FAT”. As I’m using an old HDD I think it crashed …

Now I have two questions where I need your help :

  • Where could I find the right procedure to reinstall my node without lost my earnings ?

  • I have another Raspberry where I’m using Home assistant in docker. May I install my node in another container without any problem ?

Thanks for your help.

If the drive crashed and data loss occurred, the node will very likely be disqualified very quickly if you manage to get it running again. However, it’s possible the data loss has not occurred and that you have some other problem.

The first step is to find out if the drive is functional.

  • Power on the RPi without the HDD connected.
  • ssh into the RPi
  • become the root user: sudo -s
  • plug in the HDD
  • look at the syslog messages: dmesg

There may be a bunch of errors related to /dev/sda


You could plug in the HDD and watch the udev kernel messages: udevadm monitor -k

If there are significant I/O, read, or hardware errors when plugging in the HDD, it’s likely you’ll just need to start over if a new node ID.

If there are no errors when plugging in the HDD, make sure the partition table is accurate: fdisk -l

Hi Beast,

Thank you for your answer.

I’m not talking about the HDD of my node but about the HDD where my system is installed…

If I unplug my HDD system, I can’t SSH on my RPi…

Ive had some issues like this where the SD card would corrupt and Id be stuck repairing all the time, If you have another hard drive with all your node data like identity and all the storage data its easier to just reinstall a new OS and start the node that way. It would get you back up and running much quicker.

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It is what I’m doing to do.
I have only saved 6 files : 3 about ca and 3 about identity…

Is it suffisent to re-install ?

I read this article : How do I migrate my node to a new device? | Storj Docs
and they said I have to save another documents… I’m trying to have an access but I think it won’t be possible…

Yeah as long as you have all the data for the node itself the 6 identity files wouldnt be enough, You also need all the files for your node for it to work.

Ok. After checking, this is only the USB3 box of my HDD which is dead. I succeed to launch again the node.
Now I will copy all the files just in case …

Do I need to copy all the files of the directory ? Because the file “node.log” is very heavy …


The log is something you need for yourself so that is up to you to keep. But all the data for the storagenode is required plus the 6 identity files, If this isnt complete it will be disqualified. So make sure whatever size of your node is matches. What it was and nothing is missing I would do this offline before going live.

Ok thanks deathlessdd for your support!