My server is banned forever?

This message has reached me, Your node has been disqualified on Thu, 28 May 2020 11:24:39 GMT. If you have any questions regarding this please check our Node Operators thread on Storj forum.
That means that my 2 servers are banned ?.

  • WHAT can I start from 0?

It seems that on 2 of the satellites your node was disqualified (or possibly suspended open the satellite page to see which it is). In case of disqualification, there is no way back as this only happens when your node is either unable to read the data or the data is lost or corrupt.

To find out what happened, have a look at your log and look for lines with both GET_AUDIT and failed in them.

If the other satellite happens to have suspended your node instead of disqualified, you can still recover from that by fixing the issue and then waiting for a few successful audits. But you need to check your log to see why your node got in trouble in the first place.

No, it means your server was kicked out of two satellites

Yes sure, you can get new keys if you use your existing email. But you will have to start from 0 with no reputation.

it means something has gone wrong, if you are lucky it can be reversed by storj depending on whats going on with your node… so post the logs and lets have a look see, if we can make any sense of it.

but yeah isn’t a good sign thats for sure…

if there is actually something wrong… people have been disqualified for stuff like db locked and such i believe…

You just get suspended for that, not disqualified. Disqualification can’t be reversed by Storj. Suspension can be reversed by simply fixing the problem and succeeding with a few audits. Just takes a little time. The logs are still useful either way though. Especially if you’re planning to start a new node. You don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

no thats not true, and it takes quite some TIME before it happens. so if you don’t care about your node and you get kicked out - you don’t belong on the network

I have reinstalled the operating system from 0 doing all the procedures for a new node, but I get Offline all the time.
Ports opened correctly, static ip assigned to windows correctly, non-ip configured correctly. In my previous banned node I was online.

Storj process restarted.

Error at ./identity.exe authorize storagenode … ((( Error: certificates peer error: authorization already claimed: )))

well congratz on making him delete his node without us even finding out what was wrong… :smiley:

Did you request a new token?
If you start from 0 then you must also have a NEW token

Read again:

pretty sure i’ve seen them go back on DQ’s if it was clearly their fault…
but whatever i was just attempting to save the node before he deleted it out of misunderstanding, without finding out what was even wrong…
so the details doesn’t really matter to me, but i’m sure you are right, you usually are on these matters… xD

I have formatted my computer and started from 0, but when it comes to authenticating and putting mail @ … I get that error all the time.
I have tried both a clean windows and a clean ubuntu.

identity.exe authorize storagenode

this is single-use authorization token
((( Error: certificates peer error: authorization already claimed: )))
means that the token is already used

you must have a NEW token

Guys I have created one of 0 correctly, Thank you all very much.