My Storj node hard drive died last week

My Storj node hard drive died last week.

Your Node is Suspended on the europe-west-1 Satellite**
Your Node is Suspended on the us-central-1 Satellite**
Your Node is Suspended on the asia-east-1 Satellite**

Node ID: 12BSpmDm42Ao6w1PB7SWbDBXaafYHfrmvGcwpjEeATTGg4smCYn
Your Storage Node on the europe-west-1 Satellite was suspended. You were
suspended on 2020-05-06 at 04:07 UTC

I did contact Storj Labs about and need help, haven’t received response.

What should I do?

So your drive died and you lost all your stored data?

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The backup will not help. Every backup will be outdated on time of the made. As soon as you restore from the backup, your node will be disqualified for losing pieces since backup time.

You should use the instead. This email address does not automatically redirected to the support.


Yes, around 8TB lost.

So do you know what to do now or was this thread not helpful yet?

Start a new node. There is nothing else you can do if you lost data. Do you want us to try to find it for you?


If the data is gone your node can’t be recovered. The only option you have is to start over. You would need a new token and you have to create a new identity. It’s basically just a matter of following all the setup steps again.